Incense Cones

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To burn an incense cone, light the tip then blow it out gently. Place flat end down in a fire proof dish or dedicated incense burner. Cone incense burn down neatly and extinguish themselves when completed. Because they do not contain wood, incense cones have less of a smoky scent to them than some incense sticks.

Choose from a variety of scents.

Amber: As the tree resin. Smells like a sunny window sill.

Apple: Apple-y, cinnamon-y, and not overly fruity.

Copal: A bright and resinous scent made from the sap of copal trees native to central and south America. Fans of frankincense may also enjoy copal.

Dragon's Blood: A tree resin named for it's deep red color, dragon's blood has an earthy, spicy, and grounding scent.

: Piney and refreshingly musky with hints of peat-moss. 

: An earthy and musky incense burned for money-attracting rituals.

: A clean and distinct rose fragrance. I am very particular about my floral scents, and this is the best rose incense I have come across. 

: Smells like vanilla extract and not that fake, sickeningly sweet smell of inferior incense.

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