Incense Sticks

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To burn an incense stick, light the thick end with a match or lighter. Once the tip has caught, blow out gently until a small red ember is visible. Then stand up securely in your favorite incense burner. These incense sticks are made from various resins and botanicals blended with a charcoal base for a clean, steady burn.

Choose your own scent and package size.

Frankincense & Myrrh: A blend of two tree resins with a long history of use as incense. A favorite of the Catholic church and frequently burned on Yuletide altars. It has an earthy, resinous tree smell.

Egyptian Musk: A dark, masculine, musk scent.

Rain: Light and clean, like fresh air after the rain.

Lavender: As the flower. Floral, fresh, and lightly astringent.

Love on the Beach: Sea air and a little fruity.

Driftwood: Earthy and a bit piney, like driftwood left in the sun.

: This is where all you pumpkin spice lovers have your moment.

Gaia: Named for mother earth. Lightly earthy, fresh, and balanced. This one is my favorite and everyone always asks what it is when I'm burning it.

Opium: Smells like opium. Dark with a little musk.

Patchouli: It's 1969 and they're burning it in the back of the record shop. People usually either love or hate patchouli. Patchouli lovers describe it as earthy, haters say it smells like dirt.

Moon Goddess: White musk, floral notes, jasmine, amber, and a hint of sandalwood. Deeply relaxing.

Kush: A blend of frankincense, amber, and musk. Does not smell like weed.

Desert Wind: Vanilla and musk. Sweet but grounded, warm and cozy.

Sage: A sage blend, herbaceous and slightly sweeter than a traditional white sage.  

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