Premium Incense Sticks

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One Urban Tribe's premium incense sticks are an upgrade from our regular stock. These incense sticks burn longer and their scents are purer with more depth and focus.

To burn an incense stick, light the thick end with a match or lighter. Once the tip has caught, blow out gently until a small red ember is visible. Then stand up securely in your favorite incense burner. These incense sticks are made from various resins and botanicals blended with a natural clay base.

You will receive a package of 30 incense sticks in the scent of your choice.

Gentle Earth:  A mild and soothing fragrance of freshly cut wood, forest air, and something nostalgic.

Moon Garden:  A sensual blend of night-blooming flowers, vanilla, and sandalwood for a perfectly balanced incense that is equal parts earthy, sweet and floral. 

Nag Champa: The world's most popular incense. Earthy and floral. Smells like a Hindu temple.

Patchouli Forest:  A warm, spicy, and woodsy scent reminiscent of old growth forests, harmoniously blended with the earthy scent of patchouli. 

Rainforest: The relaxing and alluring scent of a tropical canopy after an overnight rain, forest floor footsteps, and lichen-covered tree bark.

: A robust classic and the world's most ancient incense. One Urban Tribe's sandalwood incense are made from genuine sandalwood.

Vanilla Sandalwood: Classic sandalwood with sweet notes of vanilla.

Sunrise: A wakeful and motivating scent with a gently earthy base and joyous bursts of citrus. 

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