Backflow Incense Cones (choose scent)

Backflow Incense Cones (choose scent)

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With backflow incense cones, the smoke flows down instead of up. Not only is this delightfully mystical and seems to defy physics, it also creates a very pretty effect when placed on a incense burner designed for backflow incense. It looks like a smoke waterfall, and of course, smells amazing.

Made with plant resins and other natural ingredients. Dye and chemical free. These burn for about 20 minutes but the scent will linger pleasantly in your space for a little longer.

You will receive a nifty tin of 24 backflow cones in the scent of your choice.

Nag ChampaThe world's most popular incense. Earthy and floral. Smells like a Hindu temple.

A robust classic and the world's most ancient incense. All of One Urban Tribe's sandalwood incense are made from genuine sandalwood.

: As the flower. Floral, fresh, and lightly astringent.

Palo SantoPalo santo is the aged heartwood of the palo santo tree. Its scent is sweet and spicy, sometimes likened to peppermint. It is commonly burned for attracting positive energy.

White Sage: A scent captured from the popular smudging herb.

Dragon's BloodA tree resin named for it's deep red color, dragon's blood has an earthy, spicy, and grounding scent.

Buddha: Fresh and floral.

Chakras: Sweet and floral, very "pretty" smelling and relaxing.

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