Double Terminated Angel Aura Quartz

Double Terminated Angel Aura Quartz

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These aura quartz crystals display a full spectrum of color that changes as you turn the crystal in your hand. "Aura" crystals are natural gemstones that have been given a permanent coating of precious metals. This creates a mystical, iridescent sheen on the crystal's surface. Gold, indium, titanium, niobium and copper are the most commonly used metals for creating the aura effect. In the case of "angel" aura quartz, a natural clear quartz crystal is used in combination with gold, silver, or platinum dust.

The crystal is is heated to 1600° in a vacuum chamber, and then the metallic vapor is added to the chamber. 
The metals' atoms fuse to the crystal's surface in an ultra-thin layer, creating the rainbow sheen.

These double terminated aura quartz points average 85 grams and 3 1/4 inches long. You will receive one aura quartz similar to the ones pictured.

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