Moon & Sun Phase Wall-Hanging

Moon & Sun Phase Wall-Hanging

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CHANDRA Handmade Moon and Sun Phases Wall Hanging, 34" Long

- Moon and Sun the two natures that always come out regardless of the situation.

Seeing them gives us the courage to wake up every morning and rock the our best...regardless.

-Moon and Sun are always in a fight with the cloud...With a thing that tries to cover their Light from shining...It is amazing how nature itself shows us to never give up and to fight to give our light out.

-Get Our handmade Star and Moon Wall hanging and Decor your wall with something beautiful and meaningful.

- A great gift for you and your loved ones.



Length: 34"

Number of Moons: 5 Half moon

Number of Suns: 6 Suns


100% Handmade In India.