Blue Calcite Point

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Blue calcite is a stone of communication. Representing the throat chakra in blue, but also the spiritual realm with its milky-white coloration, blue calcite can be used to communicate with your higher or inner self, or even worlds beyond. Have something to ask your inner child? Or a memory? Need wisdom from your guide? Use blue calcite in your practice to open this channel.

These blue calcite towers are a frosty blue, reminiscent of summer clouds or ice on the sea. Some have streaks of white and speckles of gray, each uniquely beautiful. One blue calcite point similar to those pictured will be intuitively selected for you. Two sizes are available. The larger size crystal points average 135 grams and measure about 4 inches tall. The smaller points average 100 grams and measure about 3 3/8ths inches.

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