Top Polished Smoky Quartz Point

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Smoky quartz is the perfect stone for gentle, daily grounding. If you experience anxiety, wandering thoughts, uncomfortable self-consciousness, or other difficulties during meditation, try holding a smoky quartz in the palm of your hand to keep your focus in the present moment. Use smoky quartz in your practice to balance material living with your spiritual endeavors. 

Top-polished crystals combine the beauty of a polished gemstone with a natural root. These top-polished smoky quartz points come in three approximate sizes: 100, 300 and 600 grams. A smoky quartz similar to those pictured will be intuitively selected for you in the size of your choice. These have a wide range of shapes, some are short with a wide base, others taller and more tower-like. All are free standing. The colors in this lot are cool smoke tones in light to medium shades.

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